Feature Ideas

  1. Add a filter to show new in-stock products

    Hello, We have had customers provide feedback that they would like to be able to filter by new products on our menu (ie, new additions to the menu, restocks etc...) Is this a filter you are considering?

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  2. Filter by Subcategories

    It would be great to filter by subcategory, especially in accessories, you could filter by pipe, bong, etc

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  3. Product Rating/Review Option (Star Rating, Thumbs up/down, etc)

    Let's allow customers and budtenders rate our menu items with a star system. Then people can filter by rating :)

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  4. Require both Phone and Email for Guest Checkout

    Guest checkouts containing email only are hard to contact when pickup may not happen. We need to have phone number as a mandatory field when checking out even if as a guest

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  5. Cart Limit Indicator

    Online customers should see a live total/count towards the maximum grams in their cart on the menu and/or in their cart. As a consumer, I usually try to maximize my order size against the 30g limit. (somtimes at the expense of my wallet...)

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  6. Add product to the menu via the SKU not the UPC

    The UPC function is kind of broken sometimes especially for Accessories. This could be a fix

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  7. Selectable Delivery Days

    Let's say I want to offer delivery only On Thurs, Fri, Sat/Sun Any deliveries placed on Monday, need to wait for Thursday for their product to be delivered. If there was a way to set up deliveries to be 'scheduled' or a feature to allow on specific days.

    Brevin Babyn
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  8. Use Greenline's product names and descriptions

    Buddi syncs a lot of Greenline's info, but appears to get the product name and description from OCS. I would like to toggle to using the name and description from Greenline instead. I understand that I can manually change those fields in Buddi, but copy/pasting all that info manually from Buddi is too time consuming.

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  9. Revamp Online and In-Store Analytic Reports (Include: Abandon Cart Tracking/Report)

    Need more metrics such as: Conversion Rate Menu views (both apps) Abandon Carts (I would like to know when a customer abandons their cart so we can send them a email asking if they want to complete their order) Heatmaps/Click-through rate

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  10. Print orders directly from Buddi

    As a Dutchie convert, the ability to print off order receipts is very helpful for both picking an order and tracking to ensure all orders are being fulfilled. This functionality would be a really useful add-on for my team!

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  11. Automatically suggest UPCs for incorrectly entered UPCs

    I would like to be able to manually enter the UPC if the UPC from the POS software comes in an incorrect format.

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  12. e-transfer option

    Can we have an e-transfer as a payment option?

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  13. Would like to have a "Shuffle" option for my collections I make.

    When a customer clicks on my Collection's they seem to get the same products at the top of the list over and over. I would like to see an option to shuffle my products, either a toggle or done automatically. This happens when customers click on the collections above my menu on the in-store Tablet. My products lower down the list are not getting attention. Thank you, Kam

    Nigel Prsa


  14. Input Field for First and Last name in Check Out

    For additional security and verification, it would be great for the checkout field to prompt customers to enter both first and last names. Perhaps an input field for each name could achieve this.

    Shelby DeGroot
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  15. French Catalogue in Ontario

    Currently OCS has a catalogue and website in French. The wholesale site catalogue is currently only in English. There are numerous Ontario retailers who have a large French clientele especially those retailers in Northern Ontario and along the Quebec border. The French version of the catalogue could be pulled by Buddi as the English is currently and provided to retailers as you do now. This is something that I have asked from OSC and would think that it is something the BUDDI could also advocate for.

    Ted G
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