New updates and improvements to Buddi

  1. Planned Outage May 28th 2023


    Dear Buddi Customers,

    We want to inform you about an upcoming planned outage that will temporarily affect our software services. This maintenance is essential to enhance the performance and reliability of our system, ensuring a better user experience for you and your customers.

    Maintenance Schedule:

    • Date: Sunday May 28th - Monday May 29th
    • Time: 2am - 4am EST, 11pm - 1am PST, 12am - 2am MST

    During this maintenance window, our technical team will be working diligently to implement necessary upgrades and optimizations. As a result, our software services will be temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and assure you that we will complete the maintenance as quickly as possible.

    Expected Impact:

    • Our software services will be temporarily inaccessible.
    • You will be unable to access the system, including all related functionalities and features.
    • Ongoing processes, transactions, or data submissions may be temporarily interrupted, so please ensure to save your work and log out in advance.

    If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work to improve our software. Your patience and continued support are greatly valued.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Best regards,

    Jesse Johnston

    VP of Product


  2. More recent updates from Buddi


    - Billing postal codes are now displayed within the order queue to help you verify payment.

    - The order queue now allows for searching full names once again and we’ve removed the date limiter. Thank you for your patience on this one as we worked to improve performance.

    - Want your featured banners to appear in a specific order? We now allow the ordering of featured banners.

    - Refunds can be sensitive, to perform a refund a staff member must have the manager's permission enabled.

    - Collections As Filters Now Available in the Kiosk - that same great feature on the online menu is now available on the Kiosk

    - You can now mark delivery orders as ‘Ready for Delivery’. This can send out a notification to customers letting them know their order is ready but not yet picked up and out for delivery.

    - Want to take control of your club membership branding? Well, now you can with our all-new branding abilities. Check out how you can change the look up your membership here.


  3. Real-time Inventory with Greenline

    New Feature

    You no longer need to wait every 15 minutes for your inventory quantities to be updated within Buddi. This now happens in real-time! Greenline posts inventory updates directly into Buddi as they happen. To have this feature enabled please reach out to


  4. Sold Out Products

    New Feature

    Customers now have the option to see Sold Out products on your menu! Maybe a customer has a favourite product you no longer have in stock? They can simply request to be notified when it comes back. You as a retailer can choose whether or not you would like this filter enabled.

    Watch the Overview Video


  5. Upgraded Merrco Integration


    We’ve added an even easier version of the Merrco/Buddi integration. Our new integration allows all settings to be controlled via the Merrco team which helps improve stability and security. To use the upgraded version please reach out to and we’ll coordinate a switchover with the Merrco team.

    Please note support for the current integration with Merrco (Paysafe) will end on December 31st, 2023. Moving forward we will only be supporting the PayHQ version.

  6. Import collections via a UPC

    New Feature

    Buddi now allows you to build a collection by uploading a CSV file with barcodes. This makes building a collection fast and efficient so you can get back to managing your store.

    Watch the How To Video

  7. Service Interruption


    From 10:35pm EST / 7:35PM PST until approximately 11:00pm EST / 8:00pm PST our database encountered an issue that prevented online menus and kiosks from loading. Our team has worked diligently to resolve the issue and services have been restored. Unfortunately, this error was caused by maintenance being performed on the database. We will strive to avoid future interruptions while performing maintenance.


  8. Compare products on the Kiosk

    New Feature

    So many products to choose from, and so little time! We've made the decision process more seamless by enabling customers to compare up to 4 products side by side. Customers can view all of the product details to help them decide what to purchase. This feature can be enabled/disabled via:

    Settings > In-store kiosk settings > Product Comparison.

    Watch the Overview video.

  9. Terpene Filter

    New Feature

    We’ve made it more “scent”sible when it comes to filtering. Try out the terpene filter to find the product with that particular scent and flavour to satisfy your senses. Ahhhhh.