New updates and improvements to Buddi

  1. SMS Messages Are Being Delayed


    Dear Valued Clients,


    We apologize for the recent delay in SMS message deliveries from our system. Our current SMS service provider has imposed restrictions due to our status as a cannabis company. We are actively seeking a new service provider to resolve this issue and ensure smoother communication between you and your customers. Your messages are important to us, and we appreciate your patience during this transition. Rest assured, we are working diligently to restore regular SMS services and will keep you updated on our progress. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


  2. System Maintenance


    Tonight our team will be performing a minor system maintenance at 11pm PST, 12am MST, 2am EST.


    During this maintenance window, our software services might experience a brief interruption of approximately 1-2 minutes. This temporary unavailability is necessary to implement important updates that will ensure a seamless experience for you and all our users. Please rest assured that our team will be working diligently to minimize any potential inconvenience caused.




  3. Collections - Individually Select Function is Better and Faster!


    At Buddi, we’re not just about shiny new features, we’re constantly striving to improve on the features you know and love and use frequently, such as the Individually Select Function in Collections!


    We’re very excited to share with you that loading products for collections is super quick. No more waiting around or having to do something else while the inventory loads.


    We’ve also refreshed the way you can sort inventory and made it more clear.

    You can now sort by:



    -selected options (products must be selected beforehand in order for them to appear under this filter)

    -platform (which refers to the Buddi product database)


    Check out this video for more details: 





  4. Springbig Integration Is Now Live!

    New Feature


    We are pleased to announce that the PHASE I version of the Springbig x Buddi Integration is now live for use with the online menu.


    This club membership program is available for retailers who are using Cova and Greenline as their POS.


    A Few Key Highlights Of This Points Based Membership Program:

    • Customers can sign up directly via checkout using their cell phone number
    • Customers can earn points on their first purchase
    • The points balance is found in their "wallet" which they will see each time they sign into their club membership (this is separate from a Buddi profile, you do not need a Buddi profile to sign up for a club membership)
    • Customers can use these points to apply rewards to future purchases
    • These rewards can be used together with Buddi discounts



    How To Get Started

    In order to use the integration, you will need an authorization token. Please reach out to your Springbig rep for your auth token and cc: in the email. We will input the credential in the back end of Buddi for you!



     For step by step guides on set up, check out the articles on Freshdesk. 


    Watch The Springbig x Buddi Webinar to view a demo of the integration (Demo starts at 7:25): 




    If you have any suggestions or feedback on what you would like to see for this integration in the future, please email or send a suggestion via Frill.


    Thank you for your patience and continued support!









  5. Application Performance May 31st


    Dear Valued Buddi Clients,


    We hope this message finds you well. We wanted to inform you that we are aware of an ongoing issue with our application's performance. Some of you may have noticed a slowdown in the application's responsiveness, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


    We want to assure you that investigating and resolving this issue is our top priority. Our technical team is actively engaged in diagnosing the root cause and implementing appropriate measures to restore the application's optimal performance.


    We understand the critical role our application plays in your daily operations, and we are fully committed to resolving this matter as quickly as possible. Our team is working diligently to identify and rectify the underlying issue.


    We will provide regular updates on our progress throughout the investigation. Our aim is to keep you informed and to minimize any disruption to your workflow. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time, and we are grateful for your continued support.


    If you have any immediate concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. We are here to assist you and provide any additional information you may require.


    Thank you for your understanding as we work towards a swift resolution. We value your business and remain committed to delivering a reliable and high-performance application.



    Jesse Johnston

    VP of Product



  6. Unplanned Outage May 29th, 2023


    Dear Valued Customers,


    We are writing to inform you about an unplanned outage that will occur tonight to carry out the remaining maintenance on our software services. We apologize for the short notice and any inconvenience this may cause. This maintenance is a continuation of our scheduled maintenance yesterday that could not be completed within the planned amount of time.


    Maintenance Schedule:

    Date: Monday May 29th - Tuesday May 30th

    Time: 2am - 3am EST, 11pm - 12am PST, 12am - 1am MST


    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we continue to enhance our software. We appreciate your patience and ongoing support.


    Best regards,


    Jesse Johnston

    VP of Product



  7. Planned Outage May 28th 2023


    Dear Buddi Customers,


    We want to inform you about an upcoming planned outage that will temporarily affect our software services. This maintenance is essential to enhance the performance and reliability of our system, ensuring a better user experience for you and your customers.


    Maintenance Schedule:

    • Date: Sunday May 28th - Monday May 29th
    • Time: 2am - 4am EST, 11pm - 1am PST, 12am - 2am MST


    During this maintenance window, our technical team will be working diligently to implement necessary upgrades and optimizations. As a result, our software services will be temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and assure you that we will complete the maintenance as quickly as possible.


    Expected Impact:

    • Our software services will be temporarily inaccessible.
    • You will be unable to access the system, including all related functionalities and features.
    • Ongoing processes, transactions, or data submissions may be temporarily interrupted, so please ensure to save your work and log out in advance.

    If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to


    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work to improve our software. Your patience and continued support are greatly valued.


    Thank you for your attention.


    Best regards,


    Jesse Johnston

    VP of Product


  8. More recent updates from Buddi


    - Billing postal codes are now displayed within the order queue to help you verify payment.

    - The order queue now allows for searching full names once again and we’ve removed the date limiter. Thank you for your patience on this one as we worked to improve performance.

    - Want your featured banners to appear in a specific order? We now allow the ordering of featured banners.

    - Refunds can be sensitive, to perform a refund a staff member must have the manager's permission enabled.

    - Collections As Filters Now Available in the Kiosk - that same great feature on the online menu is now available on the Kiosk

    - You can now mark delivery orders as ‘Ready for Delivery’. This can send out a notification to customers letting them know their order is ready but not yet picked up and out for delivery.

    - Want to take control of your club membership branding? Well, now you can with our all-new branding abilities. Check out how you can change the look up your membership here.


  9. Real-time Inventory with Greenline

    New Feature

    You no longer need to wait every 15 minutes for your inventory quantities to be updated within Buddi. This now happens in real-time! Greenline posts inventory updates directly into Buddi as they happen. To have this feature enabled please reach out to 


  10. Sold Out Products

    New Feature

    Customers now have the option to see Sold Out products on your menu! Maybe a customer has a favourite product you no longer have in stock? They can simply request to be notified when it comes back. You as a retailer can choose whether or not you would like this filter enabled.


     Watch the Overview Video