New updates and improvements to Buddi

Springbig Integration Is Now Live!

New Feature


We are pleased to announce that the PHASE I version of the Springbig x Buddi Integration is now live for use with the online menu.


This club membership program is available for retailers who are using Cova and Greenline as their POS.


A Few Key Highlights Of This Points Based Membership Program:

  • Customers can sign up directly via checkout using their cell phone number
  • Customers can earn points on their first purchase
  • The points balance is found in their "wallet" which they will see each time they sign into their club membership (this is separate from a Buddi profile, you do not need a Buddi profile to sign up for a club membership)
  • Customers can use these points to apply rewards to future purchases
  • These rewards can be used together with Buddi discounts



How To Get Started

In order to use the integration, you will need an authorization token. Please reach out to your Springbig rep for your auth token and cc: in the email. We will input the credential in the back end of Buddi for you!



 For step by step guides on set up, check out the articles on Freshdesk. 


Watch The Springbig x Buddi Webinar to view a demo of the integration (Demo starts at 7:25): 




If you have any suggestions or feedback on what you would like to see for this integration in the future, please email or send a suggestion via Frill.


Thank you for your patience and continued support!