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- Billing postal codes are now displayed within the order queue to help you verify payment.

- The order queue now allows for searching full names once again and we’ve removed the date limiter. Thank you for your patience on this one as we worked to improve performance.

- Want your featured banners to appear in a specific order? We now allow the ordering of featured banners.

- Refunds can be sensitive, to perform a refund a staff member must have the manager's permission enabled.

- Collections As Filters Now Available in the Kiosk - that same great feature on the online menu is now available on the Kiosk

- You can now mark delivery orders as ‘Ready for Delivery’. This can send out a notification to customers letting them know their order is ready but not yet picked up and out for delivery.

- Want to take control of your club membership branding? Well, now you can with our all-new branding abilities. Check out how you can change the look up your membership here.